Oh hi!

Sooooo… This may or may not be incredibly inspired by Nicole Reaves’ 2015 goals in numbers. The thing is, September is, for me, just like New Year’s or my birthday: a time to review and restart. And honestly, I’m getting a bit anxious about how little time the year has left, and how fast it’s passing without me noticing. And not noticing the passing of time is a problem. I hate it. It has happened a lot. And I can’t tolerate it. Nope. Don’t wanna. So I did this.

Mid-year goals: JULY

Following wonderful Nicole’s tracking steps, this is what I’ll try to answer (not sure about the questions, but the % definitely stay!):

What do I feel accomplished with? I went TWICE to the cinema this month! That is definitely a record. It is one of my favorite things to do, but throughout this academic year I’ve found it incredibly hard to make time for cinema.

  • Cinema: 1/6 months or 16,67%
  • Reading: 0/10 books or 0%
  • Money-making: 0/100 € or 0%
  • Doing good: 0/? or 0%
  • Layout-creating: 0/30 or 0%
  • Exhibition-watching: 0/3 or 0%
  • Learning: 0/2 in-person classes or 0%
  • Exploring 1 city: 0/1 cities or 0%

What did I struggle with? Okay, so being honest here. I was aware of the difficulty I see coming on the exploring cities and the money-making for myself. Yes, as you can imagine they have a close relation, as one can’t happen without the other. They both, in their way, include a huge getting out of my comfort zone from my part, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to accomplish it.

Moving forward in the next 5 months: I’m excited to make a progress on this! The reading goal is very much needed, both for myself and for college. The doing some good I need for peace of mind (although it also includes getting out of my comfort zone). The exhibition visiting YAY! I’ve missed a ton of exhibitions due to laziness and it has to stop. The taking in-person classes is something I’ve been wanting to do for a few years already, but it includes money (although I may find free classes, which would be rad) and, well, going out and being with other humans (have you noticed introvert all along? HA). Layout creating… YES! I started Project Life! Yay! Already printed photos from the last month and a half. I’m debating between buying a Fiskars Trimmer, which feels like a must but hello? economical crisis you say? spending too much? Yeah. Also, still need to print cards and stuff. The earning money I still need to figure out ASAP. And the exploring one city… I’m dreaming of Berlin with Carmen. Let’s see!

Heh. Also bought this babe of planner which I’m LOVING! Let’s hope it helps to get to work 😉



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