the baby that brought joy to us all.

This kid came out of the blue. You see, my baby options due to my adult surroundings were little. Every adult that surrounds me is, well, not in the baby-making age, to say it simply. I truly honestly thought that the next baby I’d be able to have around would be my eldest cousin’s, who is currently hm 22? Yup. SAD. But then this friend of my mother, who has become reeeeally close to us, said she was pregnant. A BABY? PREGNANT?!?!?!?! YAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So the joy was real. The wait was rad. It was followed closely. So closely that the due date went by and the baby didn’t wanna get out. And everyone was, well, done with the waiting. “Baby come out alreadyyyyyyyyy” was basically my every morning thought for a whole week and a half.

And then August 6th came. And yet she didn’t wanna come out! A whole day and she decides to get out at 23:58. SERIOUSLY BABY?! Yup. But when I (we) got to see her the next afternoon, to hold her, to take photos and more photos, well… The wait became waaaaaaay worth it. Thank you, baby Sara, for existing.

IMG_6657 IMG_6659 IMG_6610 IMG_6616 IMG_6618 IMG_6568 IMG_6569 IMG_6563-2 IMG_6588 IMG_6627

IMG_6637 IMG_6653

Probably gonna see this cutie today and I’m WAAAAY TOO EXCITED! Also, this was the first newborn shooting I have ever done, and I am well aware that the editing could’ve been better, but I’m pretty happy with the result, so fuck it.



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